North Carolina police officers to crack down on drunk driving

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Drunk driving is a serious crime, and police officers often work very hard to enforce the laws preventing it. One tool commonly used is to focus manpower on certain streets that have a history of drunk driving arrests. By placing law enforcement officials on roads that have been the site of drunk driving accidents in the past, officers hope to prevent more accidents in the future.

This seems to be the strategy of the Greensboro Police Department, who recently announced a “zero tolerance” campaign for one their high-traffic streets. Between August and October, more than 20 officers from five different agencies will be patrolling an 11-mile section of Wendover Avenue. They will be strictly enforcing all laws, including speeding and drunk driving.

The speed limit on the road is 45 miles per hour. In accordance with the “zero tolerance” policy, drivers could be ticketed for going even one mile per hour over the limit.

The real goal of the program, however, is to crack down on traffic accidents. In the past two years, 811 crashes have been reported on that stretch of Wendover Avenue, with six fatalities. It is not clear how many of those accidents can be attributed to intoxication, though law enforcement officials say that the prevention of drunk driving on Wendover Avenue is one of their main priorities.

“Zero tolerance” crackdowns are a fairly common occurrence, but they do represent a somewhat worrying trend for motorists. Officers who participate in targeted crackdowns can sometimes become a little overzealous in their pursuit of zero tolerance, leading them to ascribe charges that are out of proportion with the offense committed. This can be especially true in the enforcement of drunk driving, where the personal judgment of the arresting officer is often a deciding factor. Those who feel they have been unduly charged in this manner should be sure to speak to a defense attorney for more information about their rights under the law.

Source: WFMY News 2, “”Zero Tolerance” Traffic Enforcement Begins on Wendover Ave.” Meghann Mollerus, Aug. 06, 2013