NC’s Largest Marijuana Grow House Bust Claims He’s Good Samaritan

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Despite changes from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) calling for easing prosecution of minor marijuana crimes, officials in Lincoln County and Catawba County assert that they will continue to pursue marijuana drug cases until North Carolina state law changes. For 23-year-old Joshua Silva, that means he is facing several felony drug charges related to the largest indoor grow house busted in North Carolina this year.

Investigators found about 35 marijuana plants in a shed outside Silva’s home as well as inside the home. The young man asserts that he’s a Good Samaritan, not a felon as authorities paint him to be. Unfortunately, he was videotaped by a local reporter admitting to growing marijuana at his Catawba County home.

Silva claimed that he wants to help those suffering from cancer in states where marijuana or at least medical marijuana has been legalized. He noted that he fully cooperated with police who came to investigate his alleged marijuana grow house after they received a tip from Lincoln County.

But, instead of helping others who are suffering, it appears that he’ll be suffering through the North Carolina criminal justice process. He faces several felony drug offenses for the stash of marijuana that carried a street value near $70,000. Silva claims he had no intent to sell the drugs.

Source: WSOCTV, “Man accused of growing marijuana says he wants to help people,” September 6, 2013