North Carolina woman accused of embezzlement

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Embezzlement is the crime of taking money from an employer or a volunteer organization and using it for one’s own personal gain. Embezzlement is a relatively common white collar crime, as many people are unable to resist the temptation to use some of the money with which they have been entrusted. Often, the embezzler intends to only use a small amount of the funds to cover some sudden, unexpected expense, such as medical bills or home repairs.

Regardless of the circumstances, however, the activity remains a crime – one that can land a person in a great deal of legal trouble. What’s more, a conviction on charges of embezzlement puts an enormous dent in one’s future prospects, as few employers will be willing to hire a person who has been convicted of white collar crimes.

These are the issues currently faced by a North Carolina woman who was recently accused of embezzling money from a nonprofit organization. The woman worked for the American Cancer Society in Pender County, where she was arrested earlier this month. She is accused of embezzling over $60,000 from the cancer research organization.

Sources say the woman apparently opened an unauthorized bank account bearing the name of the ACS’ Relay for Life. She then allegedly deposited some of the organization’s donations into the account, and then used the funds for personal matters.

The woman now faces a number of serious charges. If convicted, she will likely see heavy fines and jail time, as well as a great amount of difficulty reentering the workforce upon her release. Criminal defense attorneys could help this woman by working diligently on her defense and protecting her rights during all phases of the court proceedings.

Source: WGHP-TV, “NC woman accused of embezzling from nonprofit” Joe Borlik, Oct. 19, 2013