Two Raleigh man charged with drug trafficking

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Drug trafficking is one of the most serious drug-related offenses. Drug trafficking is often charged as a federal crime, and like many federal crimes, it is dealt with very harshly. Sentences for drug trafficking often call for several years of imprisonment, even for nonviolent offenders.

The amount of drugs found is usually the determining factor in a drug trafficking charge. The amount of drugs, though, varies, depending on the type of drug. For example, there might be more marijuana required than cocaine in order for someone to face a drug trafficking charge.

The differences are evident in a pair of arrests in Raleigh, in which two men were arrested on drug trafficking charges in apparently unrelated cases.

In the first arrest, a 19-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly gave cocaine to a police informant. As is common in drug cases, the action resulted in multiple trafficking charges – one each for possessing the drug, for transporting it and for delivering it. He was given $1 million bail.

In the second arrest, the subject was apparently not seen dealing the drugs he was discovered with. He was, however, found in possession of 125 grams of cocaine and an undisclosed amount of marijuana. He was charged with drug trafficking and held in lieu of $151,000 bail.

Both men now face extremely serious charges, with the possibility of years behind bars. Though in some instances drug trafficking charges may be reduced to possession, there is no indication of whether that will occur in either of these cases. It is important to remember that the defendants have the right to fair and impartial trials, as well as the right to appeals should their trials result in unfavorable verdicts. Just because the men have been charged with drug crimes does not mean they are guilty. The prosecutors must prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source: NewsObserver, “Two charged with cocaine trafficking in separate Raleigh arrests” No author given, Sep. 19, 2013