North Carolina teacher accused of marijuana possession

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When a person is accused of drug possession, the penalties can be much greater than the punishments handed down by the law. The justice system’s punishment for marijuana possession, for example, can mean heavy fines or jail time. However, a conviction for drug crimes can have much wider effects than these. In particular, drug charges can interrupt, or, in many cases, destroy one’s professional life.

Certain professions place a great deal of emphasis on the character of their employees – police officers, security guards and teachers, for example. When one of these people are accused of a drug crime, they are often suspended, even if they haven’t yet faced trial.

This was the case for a 29-year-old teacher in Chatham County, North Carolina. Police executed a drug search warrant on her home earlier this month and allegedly uncovered a certain amount of marijuana. She is now facing charges for possession of drug paraphernalia, maintaining a dwelling for controlled substances and possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana.

In addition to these charges, the woman was suspended from her job as a seventh grade teacher. The superintendent of Chatham County schools noted that she was suspended with pay as school officials and police investigated the case.

Accusations of drug possession can have a serious negative effect on one’s reputation, even before one appears in court. Upon hearing news of a drug arrest, many people assume that the suspect must be guilty and guilty of all the charges listed by the police. Of course, in many cases, this isn’t true.

Judges and attorneys, therefore, should be very careful when dealing with drug cases. Often, a guilty verdict has greater effects than the criminal punishment; it’s important, therefore, that the case be dealt with cautiously and correctly.

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