Alleged train robbers accused of federal crimes

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It’s not everyday that you hear about train robbery in the state of North Carolina. But, an incident in April 2012 confirms that train robberies still occur. Two North Carolina men are accused of federal crimes in connection with the alleged robbery of a Norfolk Southern train, from which they stole $30 and several credit cards that belonged to the engineer and other employees.

No, it’s not a story out of the wild West. The men are accused of using a 12-gauge shotgun and a revolver to rob both the train engineer and conductor, escaping with a wallet and some cash. Even though this might just seem like a state matter, federal authorities invoked provisions from the Hobbs Act, which governs interstate commerce. As a consequence, the men are facing charges at the federal level, and they may even be subject to additional firearms charges. Those additional charges could land them in prison for up to seven more years.

Authorities report that the alleging robbers dropped their firearms as they fled to the woods after robbing the train. Further, they are accused of telling their friends about the alleged crime. One of those friends, a 19-year-old man, has already pleaded guilty in early December to charges of accessory after the fact to train robbery. He has not yet been sentenced in the matter.

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Source: News Observer, “NC train robbery becomes a federal case” Andrew Kenney, Dec. 19, 2013