Golf pro accused of sex crimes in North Carolina, other states

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A sex crimes investigation involving a West Coast golf pro has made its way into four other states, including North Carolina. The man, known as one of the top 50 golf coaches for kids in the nation, is facing allegations of sexual abuse from several of the children he instructed. The sex crimes allegations surfaced after three former pupils came forward with abuse claims, insisting that the man harmed them between 2009 and 2012.

The defendant was slated to receive an award from a Professional Golfers Association club for creating a major golf academy that hosted 175 children. It is not clear whether he will receive that honor now.

The man has been taken into custody in California, according to officials, and it appears that the man did confess to at least a few of the crimes. The coach had served as an instructor at a summer junior golf tournament at a golf course in either Charlotte or Raleigh between 2008 and 2011, according to official reports.

Area investigators suspect that the man may have victimized other children throughout the nation, including some in Charlotte. Although no victims have yet come forward in the matter, it is possible that some North Carolina students were victimized if the allegations were true.

Even though the man has been arrested and questioned in the matter, he is not automatically considered guilty. Every criminal defendant deserves a fair legal proceeding, whether through trial or plea agreement. Criminal defense attorneys can help such sex crimes defendants learn more about their legal rights, which is especially important when cases span several states. These lawyers and protect defendants’ rights from arraignment through sentencing, and even beyond.

Source:, “Police: Golf pro accused of child sex abuse taught kids in NC” Erica Bryant, Dec. 11, 2013