NC Warrants Follow Charlotte Man To NYC

By KevinMarcilliat, In Sex Crimes, 0 Comments

Leaving the state doesn’t mean leaving behind outstanding criminal charges. A Charlotte man was recently arrested in New York on three outstanding warrants related to sex crimes allegations here in North Carolina.

The man has been accused of taking indecent liberties with a minor, statutory rape and a sex offense committed by an individual serving the role of parent. Based on the charges reported by CBS Charlotte, the felony sex offense of statutory rape appears to be the toughest of the charges the man faces. Without details of the accused’s and the accuser’s age, he is facing either a Class B1 or Class C felony offense charge.

The parental role sex crime is considered a Class E felony. Taking indecent liberties with a minor is a Class F felony.

The Charlotte man, apprehended by U.S. Marshals, will likely face extradition to North Carolina to face the sex offense charges. Typically, a person who is arrested in another state will be held in jail awaiting extradition, or about 30 days. During that time, the U.S. Marshals notify North Carolina officials that an arrest has been made, North Carolina must formally request extradition of the individual arrested on outstanding felony warrants and, if granted, North Carolina must make arrangements to bring the accused man back to this state to face prosecution.

A local criminal defense attorney who understands the extradition process from state to state should be involved as soon as possible if a loved one is arrested out of state on an outstanding felony warrant. An aggressive defense strategy may involve fighting the extradition, waiving an extradition hearing or other tactic aimed at securing the best possible outcome for the accused based on all circumstances.