Woman charged for prescription drug possession

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In many instances, we think about drug trafficking charges being related to illegal drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. Prescription drug trafficking is also fairly prevalent, however, with scores of criminal defendants facing charges throughout North Carolina because of possession and distribution drug crimes. Now, one Iredell County woman is facing serious penalties after she was allegedly found distributing a large number of prescription painkillers in the area.

The woman has officially been charged with two counts of trafficking opiates by possession, along with two additional counts of trafficking opiates by transport. It is not clear whether she intended to sell the drugs to others, as the medication may have been for her own personal use.

Authorities say the woman was arrested in early November after officers pulled her vehicle over near Dobson Farm Road. She was officially charged with the crimes in early December. Officers said the woman did not have any identification on her when she was pulled over, though she did admit to having drugs in the car when she was stopped. Further investigation showed that she had more than 30 hydrocodone pills and 11 oxycodone pills in her possession, even though the drugs were not prescribed to her.

Even defendants who are not charged with possession of marijuana or possession of cocaine may face serious consequences for obtaining and holding controlled prescription medication. The woman in this case was allegedly trafficking heavy-duty painkillers that could easily prove fatal depending on the dosage used. It is not clear whether the charges in this instance will still remain relevant if the woman was not intending to hand the drugs off to a third party. Criminal defense attorneys can help this woman and others charged with drug offenses by providing them with the information they need to get the best outcome possible in their criminal cases.

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