Man facing federal crimes, state allegations after shooting

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A North Carolina man who was accused of shooting a Charlotte police officer is now facing a series of violent crime and weapons charges in connection with the incident. Those federal crimes include violations related to interstate commerce laws, according to formal court documents. The defendant in this case is accused of stealing paychecks from an out-of-state provider when he held up a fast-food restaurant in mid-December. This alleged interference in interstate commerce makes the case a federal matter, which could lead to heftier punishment due to federal sentencing guidelines.

Authorities say that the 31-year-old man is already facing attempted murder allegations after he reportedly shot a police officer. Law enforcement officers were attempting to apprehend the man while he was staying at his girlfriend’s house in Fort Mill. The officer suffered wounds to his shoulder and hip during the encounter, but he is expected to fully recover from the injuries.

The defendant in this case was reportedly shot by officers during a shootout at his girlfriend’s home. He is accused of attempting to ambush the officers that confronted him.

Authorities in the case say it is possible that the man will be charged with both federal and state offenses in connection with the robbery incident. Legal officials are still attempting to determine which case will be prioritized in the matter. The investigation into the attempted murder charges is ongoing, according to one legal administrator.

The criminal defendant in this case may face two separate legal proceedings for the state and federal crimes, which may necessitate the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer may help defendants who are facing federal and state charges by providing them with the information and education they need to make proper decisions in both courtrooms.

Source: Charlotte Observer, “Man accused of shooting cop in Fort Mill charged by feds Read more here:” Andrew Dys, Jan. 10, 2014