Raleigh man accused of drug crimes related to marijuana, others

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A man from Raleigh, North Carolina, is facing a series of drug charges for providing several types of drugs to the local community. The man is accused of being a source for prescription drugs such as Xanax. He also allegedly engaged in drug crimes related to LSD and marijuana, in addition to the drug Molly, also known as MDMA. He was arrested on Jan. 24, according to law enforcement officers.

Officers said that a search of the man’s apartment revealed nearly 100 doses of LSD, along with more than 150 Xanax pills. The man was also allegedly in possession of 11 ounces of marijuana and 105 grams of Molly, according to the drug charges. He is officially charged with possession with intent to sell and distribute marijuana, Xanax and LSD. He is also charged with trafficking in MDMA and maintaining his home as a location where drugs were stored and sold. The 21-year-old man was still in custody at last report, being held on a bond of $100,000.

He had been awaiting a court date on Feb. 5 for a traffic-related offense. The man reportedly failed to wear a seat belt and received a ticket for the violation. It is not clear whether the man has an existing criminal record.

This defendant is facing a series of serious drug charges. Defendants who are facing more than one drug charge may benefit from the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney. These professionals can help defendants learn more about their legal rights and options. Drug defendants have the right to a fair and unbiased criminal defense proceeding, and an attorney may be able to protect their rights in court.

Source: News Observer, “Raleigh man charged with having marijuana, LSD, Xanax and Molly” No author given, Jan. 24, 2014