Reality star accused of sex crimes with teenage boy

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North Carolina viewers may be familiar with the TLC show, “Cheer Perfection.” That reality series follows a team of competitive cheerleaders in nearby Arkansas. One adult woman featured on the show is facing sex crimes allegations after reportedly raping a teenage boy.

Authorities say the 33-year-old woman had an inappropriate relationship with the child. The boy had been friends with the woman’s family members, and he visited their home in November 2013. While the boy was at the house, the woman is accused of making sexual advances. The woman is also accused of having sex with the child on a couch. This was not the first encounter between the pair; news reports say that the boy admitted to having oral sex with the woman twice in October that year. Both of those encounters occurred in the woman’s car.

Further, the victim is accusing the woman of sending salacious texts and nude photographs to his cellphone. An investigation appears to have confirmed those allegations. Pictures of women in “various states of undress” were discovered, along with photographs of an exposed penis.

The woman is charged with a single count of rape. She is also accused of engaging children in sexually explicit conduct for use in a visual or print medium. Authorities say they began investigating the defendant after they received a tip on the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline.

The woman in this case has been arrested for and charged with sex crimes. That does not mean that she is guilty of committing those sex crimes. A qualified North Carolina criminal defense attorney may be able to help such defendants learn more about their legal rights. Sex crimes defendants are not automatically convicted; they deserve a fair trial, just like all other North Carolina criminal defendants.

Source: Huffington Post, “Andrea Clevenger Of TLC’S ‘Cheer Perfection’ Charged With Rape Of Boy, 13” Andres Jauregui, Jan. 15, 2014