Federal Prison Sentences In Cross-Country Prescription Drug Ring

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A prescription-drug-selling network busted by federal agents is resulting in prison sentences for additional members of the unraveling conspiracy. According to reports of the oxycodone ring, the bicoastal operation involved the shipping of prescription drugs from the West coast for sale here on the East. The individuals involved are facing 20- and 40-year prison sentences.

Prescription painkillers, accompanied by a valid prescription, are not illegal. However, prescription drugs that are resold or redistributed without a valid scrip, with a forged scrip or as a result of doctor-shopping can end with serious criminal charges. For drug rings that cross state lines, like this oxycodone ring, federal drug charges are likely.

Prescription painkillers are blamed for one death by overdose every 20 minutes in the U.S. according to statistics from last quarter from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Oxycodone (or Oxycontin, Roxicodone) is a Schedule II controlled substance. You may find yourself facing federal drug charges if:

  • You possess oxycodone without a prescription
  • You attempt to sell oxycodone, regardless of whether or not you have a prescription, unless you are licensed to do so (as in a pharmacy)
  • You are part of a drug trafficking conspiracy that sells or distributes oxycodone even if you never participate in the actual drug sales

Selling or attempting to sell oxycodone will land you in federal prison for as many as 5 years for a first offense. The number of years of a federal prison sentence will vary based on your prior criminal record, the amount of drugs involved and other circumstances surrounding your alleged federal felony drug crime.

Source: The State Journal, “More people sentenced in prescription painkiller ring,” February 3, 2014