Woman accused of drunk driving, nearly assaulting hospital staff

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A North Carolina woman is accused of drunk driving and other serious offenses after reportedly causing a car crash in McKean County during the late-night hours on March 18. Officials say that the 39-year-old woman is charged with a variety of substance-related offenses, including disorderly conduct, drunk driving, and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The woman is also accused of attempted assault after an altercation with a hospital nurse.

The woman is accused of drunk driving with a blood alcohol content of .301 percent. That is nearly four times the legal limit of .08 percent.

Authorities say that the woman is accused of striking a parked 18-wheeler in the parking lot of a North Carolina hotel. Officers found her behind the wheel of her vehicle in the parking lot of a grocery store. The officers said that the woman was highly intoxicated, and she appeared to be confused about the damage to her vehicle. It appears as though the woman was driving at a high rate of speed when she struck that larger vehicle.

The woman reportedly resisted arrest, and officers had to threaten to use pepper spray before she would comply. The woman was taken to Bradford Regional Medical Center after being arrested for drunk driving. Inside the hospital, she began exhibiting bizarre behavior, apparently attempting to ram her head through a massive glass window. She also became violent with a nurse in the emergency room, and she reportedly threatened to kill officers and other staff who were providing treatment.

Defendants who are facing drunk driving charges in conjunction with other types of offenses may benefit from consulting a criminal defense attorney. These professionals provide a valuable service, educating clients about their legal rights and promoting their welfare in court. Remember that an arrest for drunk driving does not necessarily mean that the defendant is automatically considered guilty.

Source: The Bradford Era, “North Carolina woman jailed after the drunken crash, assault attempt” Marcie Schellhammer, Mar. 20, 2014