8 charged for federal crimes after kidnapping of prosecutor’s dad

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An eighth person has been arrested in connection with the kidnapping of a North Carolina prosecutor’s father. The most recent defendant, a 21-year-old man, is slated to appear in federal court in late April in connection with the incident. He was arrested on April 21 for his alleged involvement in the federal crimes, when officers found him at his home in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Authorities say that the young man and one other defendant are accused of immobilizing the victim by using a stun gun when he answered the door to his home. That incident occurred on April 5. The two men then reportedly worked with two female defendants to carry the man from his home and into a waiting vehicle. From there, the victim was reportedly driven to Georgia and forcibly held in an apartment in that state.

In total, six other defendants have been charged in connection with the federal crimes. The prosecutor’s father was returned to his North Carolina home on April 10 after a multiple-day manhunt. Investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation say they were able to identify the two defendants who allegedly took the man from his home because of a McDonald’s receipt that was left at the victim’s house.

Officials say they believe the kidnapping may have been organized by a man who is already incarcerated. That 49-year-old man is serving a life sentence at the Polk Correctional Institute. The victim’s daughter had played a role in prosecuting that offender’s case in 2012.

Even though many people may believe that criminal defense ends when a client is locked up, attorneys can still play an important role for offenders accused of violations while still on the inside. These criminal defendants may have special needs that require specific strategies and professional input from a defense attorney. It is not yet clear whether the man who allegedly orchestrated the kidnapping is facing official charges.

Source: The News and Observer, “Eighth person arrested in kidnapping of prosecutor’s father” No author given, Apr. 21, 2014