Feds: Charlotte kingpin businesses raided, drug crimes alleged

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North Carolina authorities say they have apprehended the man thought to be the kingpin of a major drug operation in the area for the past decade. The defendant, who is reportedly an undocumented immigrant, is accused of trafficking cocaine into the Charlotte area from all corners of the globe. That defendant then apparently used the money from the drug crimes to purchase luxury items including exotic cars and a home.

Authorities allege that the man, who also owned several businesses throughout the city, was apparently apprehended while attempting to move 30 kilograms of cocaine into the Charlotte region from south Florida. The defendant had allegedly set up a towing company, a barbershop and a vehicle accessory shop to serve as fronts for his drug trade. He is accused of bringing in drugs from south Florida and the Texas border area. His drug trade thrived from clients in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, in addition to those in Charlotte.

The allegations in the case skew toward the unbelievable; the man is accused of boasting that he had trafficked drugs for more than two decades without being caught. Further, he apparently paid his rent in cocaine. A 23-page criminal complaint has been filed against the man through the Department of Homeland Security. His businesses were raided on May 16.

Criminal defendants who are facing such high-level federal drug crimes definitely have special needs in court. A professional criminal defense attorney may be able to provide legal strategies for those who are accused of interstate drug trafficking and other serious charges. These allegations can leave to massive jail time, fines and other consequences, so it is critical to be prepared for associated criminal proceedings.

Source: WSOC TV, “Authorities: Accused Charlotte drug kingpin jailed” Dave Faherty, May. 22, 2014