Criminal Defense Attorney Kevin Marcilliat Gets Felony Drug Charges Dismissed in Wake County

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RELEASED: June 9, 2014

RALEIGH, NC – Kevin Marcilliat, criminal defense attorney with the Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, successfully defended a client charged with Felony Possession of Cocaine, ultimately getting the drug charge dismissed.

Mr. Marcilliat’s client was one of several individuals in a vehicle stopped by law enforcement for a minor traffic infraction. The vehicle stop was quickly transformed into a full scale drug investigation when, prior to the car stopping in response to the officer’s blue lights, one of the individuals in the car threw an unknown object out the window. Police later found a small baggie containing cocaine, and all of the occupants of the vehicle were charged with Felony Possession of Cocaine, a Class I felony carrying up to 24 months in prison.

It is the standard policy of many law enforcement agencies that, if none of the individuals admits to possessing the contraband, they simply charge everyone and let the court system sort out the mess. In this case, Mr. Marcilliat’s client firmly maintained that he had no idea that any of his friends were in possession of illegal drugs, and that he had never in his life possessed or used any illegal drug.

Ultimately, Mr. Marcilliat was successful in getting the felony charge dismissed after presenting compelling evidence to the Wake County District Attorney’s Office showing that his client had a tremendous list of character references to support his innocence claim, no prior criminal history of any kind, and that he passed a drug test only hours after his arrest on the charges.


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