Police officer, wife charged with sex crimes from 1999 to 2002

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A North Carolina police officer and his wife have been accused of sexually assaulting one of their younger relatives. The couple, who reside in the Charlotte-Mecklenberg area, have been charged with violations including a first-degree sex offense and several counts of both crimes against nature and indecent liberties with a minor. The victim claims that the sex crimes occurred between 1999 and 2002, according to official reports.

Investigators say that the victim had sought assistance from other relatives as early as 2000, but those family members did not provide any aid. Then, the victim went to police in 2009 but eventually became uncooperative. The victim chose to back out of the process, but investigators continued their inquiry into the case.

Representatives from the man’s employer say that he is currently on administrative leave from the force. He was initially placed on leave with pay, but that offer was rescinded as soon as a probable cause arose. The man’s 40-year-old wife is not employed by the police department. They are both currently in custody while awaiting further legal proceedings.

Although there are statutes of limitations for the prosecution of sex crimes, it is not uncommon for defendants to face charges years after the alleged violations. In such cases, “he said, she said” type evidence can become the norm, with little physical evidence to corroborate the victim’s claims. Individuals who are charged with sex crimes that allegedly occurred this far in the past need the assistance of a legal team. The strategy for defending these sex crimes differs significantly from that used to address allegations from the recent past. Even those criminal defendants accused of sex crimes deserve a fair legal proceeding and are not considered guilty just because they were charged.

Source: WSOC-TV, “CMPD officer, wife accused of sexually assaulting underage family member” Aug. 07, 2014