Drug crimes can have major effect on young people’s future

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Are you a young person who is facing drug charges because of possessing even a small amount of marijuana or another illegal substance? It is important to realize that a conviction for drug crimes can have a major impact on your personal and professional future, leaving you without employment prospects and other key benefits. That is why aggressive defense is needed to protect against even seemingly modest drug charges; an experienced team of legal professionals can help.

Whether this is your first or tenth drug charge, you deserve to have your legal rights protected during your criminal proceeding. Our team of legal professionals can help prepare a customized defense for your criminal case, using evidence and expert testimony to support your position. We can help you even if you are facing felony drug charges.

Defense attorneys know how to challenge the prosecutors who unfairly target North Carolina residents found with small amounts of recreational drugs. These prosecutors often use aggressive tactics to intimidate young people into accepting a plea deal, even though that might not be in their best interests. Consider the fact that drug charges can prevent young people from obtaining student loans, getting into the college of their choice or even obtaining a job. The stakes are quite high when it comes to criminal defense against even minor drug crimes.

No matter the nature of your drug crime, a team of experienced defense attorneys may be able to help. Defendants who are accused of possessing marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and even drug paraphernalia may benefit from our attorneys’ expertise. All defendants deserve to have their legal rights protected while they are being prosecuted for drug crimes. For more information, please take a few minutes and visit our drug crimes webpage.

Source: Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, “Raleigh NC Drug Possession Defense Attorney” Sep. 08, 2014