Lawyer up when facing drug charges in North Carolina

By KevinMarcilliat, In Drug Crimes, 0 Comments

Consider how many times people have been in the wrong place at the wrong time and had to suffer the consequences. When the matter involves drugs, however, those consequences can include a felony conviction and a prison sentence in North Carolina.

You may simply be an unaware passenger in a car where drugs are discovered during a routine traffic stop. The police often don’t know or care who is actually in possession of the drugs; they tend to arrest everybody and let the courts sort it out.

Depending upon the amount of drugs in a home or car and how they are packaged, the charges can quickly from simple possession to intent to distribute. Having a felony drug conviction on your record can hamper you in many ways. You can be barred from living in some housing options, be denied admission to the armed services and many universities and have many employment doors closed to you as well.

Here in North Carolina, it is common for the government to levy criminal forfeitures against an accused person’s assets if it is suspected that said assets were acquired from the proceeds of criminal drug activities. Suddenly, defendants many no longer have access to their bank accounts, be able to liquidate their assets to pay for their defense or even bond out of jail.

At our law firm, we understand that people, including the police, can make mistakes. Our attorneys can vigorously question and cross-examine paid police informants and alleged witnesses to criminal activity. We can expose police or prosecutorial wrongdoing and challenge the legality of search warrants. We will do all in out power to keep our clients conviction-free and out of jail.

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