Understanding NC Drug Treatment Court

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In many states, drug courts or drug treatment courts seek to offer treatment to people facing drug charges. In North Carolina, 23 counties offer drug treatment court, but there are specific criteria that the defendants must meet first. Below, you’ll find more information on drug treatment courts in North Carolina. Your criminal defense attorney can provide more information about these another defense options.

What is the criteria for drug treatment courts?

Drug treatment court requires that an offender:

— Volunteer for the program

— Has an addiction to a chemical substance

— Is eligible for an intermediate or community punishment instead of prison.

— Has not been classified as a violent offender, a repeat felon or a drug dealer.

In addition, each court may have criteria of its own.

What is the goal of drug treatment court?

There are many services available to offenders. These include 12-step drug treatment programs, General Educational Development opportunities, budgeting, and literacy and vocational rehabilitation classes. In addition, parenting and anger management classes are available.

How long does an offender participate in drug treatment court?

The drug treatment court program is one to two years. The program usually requires that the offender is in court at least twice a month. Should the judge determine that the offender is not making satisfactory progress in the program, he or she may order a change in the drug treatment, more drug tests or even jail time.

As you can see, the drug treatment courts in North Carolina can be complex. It’s important to understand exactly what is required if you participate. An attorney can provide more information.

Source: The North Carolina Court System, “Drug Treatment Court” Nov. 17, 2014