Man wrongfully accused of sex crimes released from jail

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For more than three months, a man from North Carolina spent his days in the Harnett County jail for sex crime charges he did not commit. Those charges have now been dismissed, but it has cost the man a great deal. According to news reports, the man lost his house in Willows Creek and his job with a $55,000 a year salary.

The man was charged with producing child pornography and raping a teenager. He found out about the charges after his supervisor at work called to tell him that the news said he was wanted by law enforcement in relation to a child sex crime. The man went into the sheriff’s office and was questioned about a home in Spring Lake where the rape of a 13-year-old had taken place.

Investigators reportedly told the man that there was a video of him — that wasn’t true. Turns out, the investigators only had a picture of him from 2011 that was taken when he delivered some lumber to a female. That female, as well as her husband, were arrested in connection with the child pornography ring. The husband is a convicted child sex offender.

The innocent man spent 105 days telling the prosecution that he wasn’t guilty. He lost his home and his job during that time. His attorney said that the prosecution never came forward with any additional evidence linking his client to the rape. The prosecution eventually dropped the charges and cleared the man’s record. He is now considering filing a civil suit against the county for essentially ruining his life.

As you can see, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense representing you when you are facing sex crime charges. Your attorney can challenge the evidence, re-interview witnesses, review police and arrest reports — all in an effort to present a defense against the charges. You deserve to have a fair trial, which can often be difficult when it comes to cases that the media has spotlighted.

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