White collar offenses like Ponzi schemes are federal crimes

By KevinMarcilliat, In Federal Crimes, 0 Comments

In North Carolina, defendants can be prosecuted either in state or federal court, and sometimes both, depending on the circumstances and the crime.

One charge that can land a North Carolina resident in federal court is being accused of running a Ponzi scheme. This type of crime has been around for decades, but really became known to the public with the arrest and conviction of investment manager Bernard Madoff. Accused of swindling billions of dollars from his victims, the New York resident was sentenced to 150 years behind bars.

While his crime may have been particularly egregious and high profile, many other people can get involved in similar scams that can result in grand jury subpoenas, indictments and arrests. To avoid conviction for white collar federal crimes, it is essential that the accused develop a solid defense strategy.

Our sterling legal reputation is well known in state and federal courts and to our many grateful clients. We can help our clients seek the best outcome available to them in their specific circumstances. Sometimes a plea bargain can be negotiated with prosecutors. Other outcomes include dismissal of some or all charges and acquittals in court before judges and juries.

Even when a conviction results, our seasoned attorneys can sometimes get deferred sentences for defendants. We also may be able to arrange for community service, probation or house arrest in lieu of a prison sentence.

While no outcome is ever assured, it is essential to contact our office as soon as you become aware that you are under investigation or indictment. Our attorneys may be able to arrange for you to voluntarily surrender and then bond out to avoid the embarrassment of a public arrest.

If you or someone you love is facing federal charges, call and speak to our legal professionals today.