Man Wanted On Federal Charges Found in NC

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Charlotte, North Carolina, was the location of a man from Ohio who was wanted on several federal charges. The 33-year-old man was located there on June 9. According to authorities, the man is believed to be a member of a gang called the Short North Posse.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation offered an award for information leading to the arrest of the man — $5,000. Reports do not specify if someone will collect the award or not.

The man’s charges are serious. He will face weapons and drug charges as well as racketeering charges. In total, a grand jury indicted the man on nine counts, including attempted possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, attempted possession of cocaine, use of a firearm in a drug trafficking crime and racketeering.

According to the federal government, the man was the last gang member who was not in custody from the indictment.

Federal charges are serious because of the potential for long federal prison sentences. In many cases, there are minimum mandatory sentences, leaving the judge or jury little discrimination. In addition, many facing federal charges lose their jobs and have difficulties with their families and their social lives.

Not all attorneys represent clients in federal court. It’s important to choose an attorney who is comfortable with this type of court but also with creating definitive, credible defenses in there. Remember that not everyone charged with a crime will face a conviction. It’s also important to remember that anyone facing charges — whether they are at the federal, state or local government level — has a right to an impartial and fair trial.

Source: The Morning Journal, “Ohio man wanted on gang charges arrested in North Carolina,” June 10, 2015