Drug use trends in North Carolina

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In the most recent national survey on drug use and health, 7.75 percent of surveyed North Carolinians reported that in the last month, they had used illicit drugs. For the purposes of the survey, prescription drug use other than for medical reasons was also included in the definition of illicit drugs.

The national average of illicit drug use besides marijuana was 3.58 percent in the last month. In North Carolina, 3.51 percent of residents reported using illicit drugs besides marijuana. In 2007, the last year noted, 1,125 people died in the state due to drug use. As a comparison, 1,116 people died from firearms and 1,818 from motor vehicle accidents. The number of people who died from drug use was about the same as the national average.

In 2007, the North Carolina Controlled Substances Reporting System was first used. It was part of a legislative act that passed in 2005. The data from this system is collected each week. In 2008, there were about 17,000,000 prescription records collected.

In 2009, 33 percent of drivers involved in a car accident with fatalities who were given a drug test afterward tested positive for drugs. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found in 2007 that on any given weekend night, one out of every eight drivers were under the influence of an illicit drug.

While this data is a few years old, it’s important to realize that charges for one of these crimes can really affect your life. From fines and probation to the loss of your license and possible time in jail, drug crimes can really put your current life into a nightmarish tailspin. In order to put forward a strong defense, an attorney will need to examine all of the evidence in the case, including arrest and medical records, accident reports and much more.

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