2 men convicted of conspiracy, kidnapping

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A man who returned from the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas in May got a surprise when he returned home and it wasn’t a good one. Two men, one from Durham and one from Knightdale, allegedly broke into the man’s home and waited for his return. They then badly beat the man and transported him to a storage unit. When authorities found the man on a dirt road in Nash County, he had severe injuries, as well as duct tape on his neck and face. Ligature marks were also present on his ankles and wrists.

The two men were convicted on the charges of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and kidnapping. One of the men also was conviction of a weapons charge.

A large amount of cash was stolen from the man — $75,000. It’s not known if the man won the money on the fight or even attended it. The alleged kidnappers were found with a total of $76,000 — one with $21,000 in his pocket and the other with $55,000 in his home located when the residence was searched. That search also yielded six guns. The man has an earlier conviction that prohibits him from having firearms.

Two more men are facing charges related to this same incident. One is from Raleigh and one is from Durham. They have also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery. Their sentencing date is in March.

These are serious charges with serious punishments. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you if you are facing similar charges by building a strong defense.

Source: The News & Observer, “Knightdale, Durham men convicted of kidnapping man after Las Vegas boxing match,” Anne Blythe, Dec. 07, 2015