U.S. Marshals Service reports 123 arrests in Operation Zero Hour

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The United States Marshals Service announced that 123 people were arrested in Robeson County, North Carolina. The arrests were part of “Operation Zero Hour,” which is a major crime initiative meant to target “the worst of the worst,” according to one man with the Marshals Service.

There were 170 warrants served, which included 37 “high risk” searches. Authorities said that they have confirmed the arrests of 18 gang members.

Along with the people arrested, authorities were able to seize 22 firearms, including shotguns, handguns and rifles. It was also reported that a ballistic vest was also found and seized.

Those who were arrested face charges for murder, child sex offenses, attempted rape, accessory to murder, cocaine distribute and other charges. Many are currently held in the Robeson County Jail; however, some are headed to Raleigh, North Carolina, where they will face charges on the federal level.

The operation is still not finished, so there are some arrests to be made. Authorities did not say how many.

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