Man arrested on sex crimes facing more charges

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A 46-year-old Raleigh man is facing additional charges after a recent arrest on 24 counts of third-degree sexual exploitation of minors. The charges were filed after police reportedly discovered sexual photos and videos of young girls on the man’s computer.

The events unfolded last month when the man was arrested at a Red Roof Inn for soliciting to commit a felony, a common law offense. A Cary Police Department captain said that detectives carried out the first arrest because the man allegedly solicited sex from a juvenile in the days prior to his arrest.

When he was arrested at the motel on March 24, officers transported him to the Wake County Detention Center. Police then obtained a warrant to search his computer, finding the forbidden images allegedly on the hard drive.

After the new charges were filed, the defendant’s bail was raised to $740,000 for all offenses. He had a court appearance on the exploitation charges scheduled earlier this week and another court date set for later in the month.

Those charged with crimes of child pornography or related offenses need to establish very robust defenses against the allegations levied against them. There are various strategies that can be explored with your criminal defense attorney. One typical defense might be that you were not the person who downloaded or uploaded the illegal images. If others have or had access to the computer in question, this might be a viable defense strategy.

In cases like these, the circumstances to a great degree will dictate the defense that is presented. Once your defense attorney is able to access the evidence against you during the discovery process, you will have a clearer idea of the best tactic to use in court.

Source: The News and Observer, “Cary police: Raleigh man arrested in March had child porn on computer,” April 07, 2016