Federal agents arrest multiple people for drug, money laundering

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Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and U.S. deputy marshals made several arrests on a recent Tuesday. The arrests were made at five different locations, including homes in Cary and Durham, North Carolina. The arrests came after an indictment was issued naming eight people for their roles in laundering drug money made from dealing marijuana and cocaine.

A battering ram was used to gain entry into a townhouse in Cary where the arrest of a 25-year-old man was made. Others arrested were ages 24, 30 and 48. Another two men, ages 33 and 46, were arrested in April, with the 46-year-old being picked up in California. He has since been extradited to North Carolina. Another man, whose age is unknown, was also arrested in California and was ordered to wear a GPS anklet so authorities could track him. Two of the men have been accused of being involved in cocaine activity in a case filed before this one.

This drug operation is reported to have occurred in 2015 or earlier. The indictment said that money made from selling the marijuana and cocaine was deposited in accounts at Bank of America under other people’s names. That money was then allegedly used to pay for apartments, houses and cellphones so it would be hidden from authorities.

There are several items that the government plans on seizing, including two shotguns, three handguns, a diamond watch and a Ford pickup truck.

The eight men have been arraigned in federal court in Raleigh and an assistant U.S. attorney filed a notice in District Court wanting the case heard by the same judge who is hearing another case about a 2015 armed robbery from the Vegas Nightlife night club in Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s not known what the connection between the two cases is because the people named in the robbery indictment are not named in the drug indictment.

Federal drug charges carry stiff penalties that include massive fines, extended federal prison sentences and more. Getting a start on your defense as soon as possible is highly advised, as is finding an attorney with experience in federal court.

Source: The News & Observer, “U.S. agents make arrests at five Cary, Durham places in drug case,” Ron Gallagher, May 20, 2016