24-year-old man facing multiple child sex crime charges

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A man from Holly Springs, North Carolina, is facing multiple charges for child sex crimes. The charges go back to March 14 and include indecent liberties with a child, first-degree sexual exploitation of a minor and second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor.

The alleged victims in the case is 13-years old and according to the arrest warrant, the man is accused of taking nude pictures of her. The man is also accused of copying a visual representation of a female between the ages of 2 and 4 years old.

The man is currently held on a $1 million secured bond in the Wake County Detention Center. He appeared in front of a judge last Friday and his attorney asked for his bond to be lowered. The attorney said that man had served in the Army and at one time, was employed by the Transportation Safety Administration. The attorney told the judge that his client had “a momentary lapse in judgment with no criminal intent.”

The attorney’s request for release on house arrest with no Internet access and with an ankle bracelet was met with opposition from the prosecutor. The prosecutor told the judge that “there are likely to be more charges.” The judge denied the motion to reduce the man’s bond.

The man was arrested at his parents’ home and they appeared in court with him. However, they made no comment to reporters. A woman who lives next to the man’s parents said that “their son always seemed to be nice. I’ve talked to him on occasions while working out in the yard. It saddens my heart because I have a son and a daughter.” She also said that she hopes the man gets the help he needs.

When someone is facing sex crime charges involving a child, it can seem as though the media tries and convicts him or her in the press. However, even those charged with crimes against children are considered innocent until — and only if — a judge or jury finds them guilty.

Source: wncn.com, “Holly Springs man facing multiple child sex crime charges,” June 24, 2016