Raleigh restaurant owner charged with multiple crimes

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Some of our readers have probably visited the Sawasdee Thai Restaurant in Raleigh. Recently, federal authorities arrested the female owner of the restaurant, causing many regular customers surprise.

The case reportedly started when a woman from Thailand came to the United States and gave the owners of the restaurant $60,000. For that amount, the woman said she was to receive a 51 percent interest in the restaurant. Investigators said the woman never received any documentation of that investment.

The woman also claims that she was living in a townhouse owned by the couple and says that she was beaten up by two men and the couple. She also reported that her daughter’s passport and hers were taken. After that, her daughter and she were made to work in the restaurant.

While all of the details of this story are not known, the woman told investigators that she eventually took off to Virginia.

The female owner of the restaurant was charged with multiple crimes, including identity theft, common law robbery and obtaining property by false pretenses. She paid a $10,000 bond in cash. The two passports were reportedly found in the restaurant, according to the woman’s warrants.

Facing federal charges such as these can be frightening. If you have been charged similarly, you should begin planning your defense strategy as soon as possible. An attorney experienced in federal court can help you determine what your next moves should be. Understanding the charges and the possible penalties is a good place to begin. Learning what evidence the prosecution has is also important.

Source: ABC 11, “Raleigh arrest involves international intrigue,” Ed Crump, July 01, 2016