5 individuals arrested on drug allegations in Goldsboro

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The Goldsboro Police Department and Wayne County Sheriff’s Office have arrested five individuals on drug-related charges at a Goldsboro motel. The arrests, which were carried out last Saturday, were the culmination of months of investigations.

It was last Saturday that authorities had gathered sufficient information to secure multiple search warrants regarding 12 different rooms at Serena Inn Motel on Corporate Drive in Goldsboro. Approximately 70 officers appeared on scene to serve the warrants, and carry out the searches and arrests. After securing all 12 rooms, officers conducted the searches.

Police claim they found marijuana, MDMA, cocaine, methamphetamine and firearms in their searches. They also arrested and charged five individuals in the incident. The individuals were male and female aged 20 to 42. They were charged with various drugs and firearms charges. Among the charges were drug paraphernalia possession, possession with the intent to deliver/sell cocaine, possession with the intent to deliver/sell marijuana, felony maintaining a dwelling, felony cocaine possession and other charges. Additionally, eight drug paraphernalia possession citations, two marijuana possession citations and one fictitious information citation were issued.

The above-listed charges are very serious. Although each accused person in this case will face a different list of alleged crimes depending on his or her case, each person faces a serious list of accusations. Furthermore, each of these individuals will have the right to be represented by a criminal defense attorney — should they choose to have one — to help him or her defend against the charges. Ultimately, the primary goal of a criminal defense attorney in any drug crimes case is to try and get his or her client’s charges dropped or dismissed, or dramatically reduce the severity of his or her client’s potential punishments.

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