Ahh, the Pleasures of Paying Your North Carolina Traffic Ticket Online

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Our take: This is a huge positive for North Carolina residents and quite a time-saver for the court system – a win-win all around.

Our Three-Sentence Summary

You can now pay for some types of traffic offenses online, rather than being forced to go to court and wait in line.

You can also request dismissal of some violations.

North Carolina’s Electronic Compliance and Dismissal system (ECAD) just became available statewide in late July.

What Can You Do Online?

  • Request dismissal of a traffic violation
  • Check the status of your case
  • Pay fines

You Cannot Dismiss Everything Online

According to the court’s website, you can request online dismissals of traffic violations involving your driver’s license, registration, and inspection only – for other types of offenses, you’ll need to go to court the old-fashioned way.

Helpful Links

  • The ECAD system: https://www3.nccourts.org/epaycompliance/menu.sp
  • Info on eligibility: http://onlineservices.nccourts.org/about/ecad.htm
  • Case name search: http://www1.aoc.state.nc.us/www/calendars/CitationQueryByName.html