20 people accused of drug crimes in Macon County

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Approximately 20 suspects were arrested in Macon County after police carried out drug raids in the area earlier this month. Multiple law enforcement agencies from Jackson, Franklin and Macon counties — and officers from federal and state agencies — were involved in the operation titled “Thunderstruck.” The raids were carried out in the early morning on Sept. 8.

Police used tips from local residents to assist undercover officers in purchasing opiates, methamphetamine, heroin and prescription drugs in order to secure the arrest warrants. Police say that the response from local residents was tremendously helpful in making the arrests and ensuring the safety of the officers involved. Officials hope that the arrests will help to make local streets safer. At this time, police are still searching for five additional suspects.

Being arrested for a drug crime can come with very serious consequences in the even to of a conviction. In fact, the accused persons in this case could face the threat of jail depending on the severity of the charges being brought against them. For this reason, the sheriff has requested that anyone suffering from drug addiction reach out for help as soon as possible so as to avoid the risk of getting arrested and charged with a crime.

No matter how severe the allegations, every person accused of a crime in North Carolina will have the opportunity to defend him- or herself against the allegations in court. In fact, until — and only if — a court is able to prove a suspect guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, he or she will remain innocent of her alleged crimes.

Source: WLOS, “At least 20 arrested in major drug bust in Macon County,” Rex Hodge, Sep. 08, 2016