2 North Carolina women arrested and accused of drug crimes

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The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office has arrested two women on meth charges this week. Both of the women have prior criminal convictions, which — if they are convicted of these offenses — could affect their sentencing by making their punishments worse.

The first woman, a 20-year-old, was booked at the Harven Crouse Detention Center in mid-October on charges of probation violation. However, when officers were processing her at the detention facility, they allegedly discovered meth on her person. This caused her to face two additional felony level charges: possession of methamphetamine, a schedule II substance, and drug possession at a penal institution. Later, she was charged with even more crimes: possession with intent to sell a schedule II drug, possession with intent to sell a schedule IV drug, possession with intent to sell a schedule VI drug, drug paraphernalia possession and stolen goods possession.

The other arrested woman, a 30-year-old, was originally taken into custody on the charge of failing to show up in court. Deputies claim to have discovered crystal meth on her person when she was taken to the magistrate’s office. She was then charged with failing to show up in court, and felony schedule II drug possession, and drug paraphernalia possession.

It is important to note that these women will each have the chance to defend themselves against the above-referenced criminal charges, and that at this point, the charges are nothing more than accusations. They will be viewed as completely innocent of the crimes and they will not face the threat of punishment until — and only if — a North Carolina criminal court of competent jurisdiction finds them to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Source: Lincoln Times, “Women arrested on felony meth charges,” Oct. 26, 2016