Married couple arrested on drug crimes charges

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A married couple from Onslow County, North Carolina, were recently arrested by authorities in Virginia. The couple — a 27-year-old man and 24-year old woman — were arrested on multiple drug-related charges relating to heroin and methamphetamine trafficking.

According to the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office, the investigation into the couple began last April after they were suspected of trafficking and selling meth and heroin. After warrants were issued for their arrest, the couple allegedly escaped North Carolina last September. Narcotics detectives and the Twin County Drug Task Force eventually arrested them last Friday in Cana, Virginia.

At this time, no bond has been established for either of the individual’s releases. They are being held at Virginia’s New River Valley Regional Jail and will later be extradited to Onslow County for their criminal court proceedings.

Both individuals have been separately charged with a wide variety of felony-level drug-related charges that include: Methamphetamine trafficking, selling, and delivering; heroin selling and delivery; drug manufacturing; and conspiracy to sell and/or deliver heroin. They have also been charged with controlled substance possession, delinquency to a minor and other crimes.

The seriousness of the above charges cannot be underscored enough. If these individuals are found guilty of even some of the above-listed crimes, they could be put in prison for a very long time and also lose custody of any children they may have had together. For this reason, they will want to get very serious with their criminal defense proceedings. Indeed, even in the face of strong evidence against an accused person, a criminal defense lawyer may be able to improve the accused person’s legal situation and try to reduce his or her punishments if a conviction occurs.

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