Cary man arrested and accused of marijuana trafficking

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North Carolina residents need to remember that even though some states have legalized recreational marijuana, our state has not. Therefore, if you or a loved one are caught with a large quantity of marijuana, you could face serious criminal consequences. Indeed, when a large quantity of this drug is found, authorities will frequently accuse you of trafficking offenses.

One recent case last month involves a North Carolina man accused of drug trafficking after being found with a large amount of marijuana. The man — from Cary — has been charged with drug trafficking and other drug-related charges. Raleigh police arrested the man late last month. They say he was carrying over 11 pounds of marijuana in addition to hash oil.

After receiving the necessary warrant, Raleigh police performed an investigation to determine if the man was engaged in drug trafficking. Police say their investigation revealed that the 65-year-old man had 11 pounds of marijuana in his residence and 112 grams in his car. Authorities have also accused the man of having approximately 8 grams of hash oil in his vehicle. The man’s bail was set at $100,000.

Being charged with any kind of drug-related offense is serious. It could even land you in jail for an extended period of time. As such, if you have been accused of drug crimes, you will want to take your criminal defense seriously.

The best course of action that anyone convicted of a crime can take is to consult with an experienced defense attorney in your area. A defense lawyer can help you devise a suitable strategy to defend against the allegations. Whether you committed the crime or not, your criminal defense lawyer can try to get your punishments reduced and/or try to seek a verdict of not guilty.

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