Massive drug bust: Authorities seize 2,200 pounds of pot

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North Carolina law enforcement authorities have arrested six people in connection with 2,200 pounds of marijuana. Police suspect the individuals were participating in a marijuana trafficking operation. The seized drugs are said to hold a value of approximately $3 million.

Among the arrested individuals were six men and women ranging in ages from 25 to 67. Authorities charged all of them with conspiracy to traffic marijuana after raiding a home in Buncombe County.

The drug raid took place at the Asheville-area residence at approximately 6:30 p.m. according to people living close to the home. The police activity continued through the night until 2 a.m. Witnesses report that a helicopter was above the property shining its spotlight in search of something during this time. Police conducted the raid after an informant tipped them off that a massive shipment of marijuana recently arrived in the Asheville area.

As for the six people arrested in this case, they will have the right to a criminal defense and representation by a criminal defense attorney. If they cannot afford a private defense lawyer, they will be provided one by the state. Furthermore, all of them will remain innocent of their alleged crimes in the eyes of the court until — and only if — they are proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

During a North Carolina criminal defendant’s legal proceedings, the defendant will need to make many decisions regarding the best way to proceed with his or her criminal defense. If the evidence against the accused is likely to result in a conviction, then the defendant may wish to pursue a plea bargain agreement by pleading guilty to one or more offenses in exchange for a less severe punishment. Alternatively, if the evidence is weak, the accused person may wish to challenge the allegations by seeking a verdict of not guilty.

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