Police Say They Have Found 16 Pounds of Marijuana in Hotel Room

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Police conducted a search in two Budget Inn rooms earlier this week. The search resulted in the arrest of a 25-year-old man. Allegedly, the man was hiding 16 pounds of marijuana in his hotel room. Police say that as soon as they entered one room, the man ran away on foot, but they apprehended him shortly thereafter.

Additionally, police claim that they uncovered 93 grams of hash oil, a vehicle, multiple pieces of drug paraphernalia and $7,300 in cash during the operation. The man has now been charged with felony-level drug trafficking, marijuana possession and drug manufacturing. He is currently being held on bail of $100,000.

According to the police officer who applied for a search warrant of the hotel room, the arrest and seizure took place after a police officer says he smelled marijuana near the door of the room the man was staying in. Early on Thursday morning, the officer showed up to perform the search of Room 59, and the hotel staff said that the man was also paying for Room 60.

The officer approached Room 59 and found that it was already open. The room guests returned while the officer was there and allowed him to perform his search, which allegedly produced the marijuana, hash oil and paraphernalia. According to the officer’s statements, the room was clearly being used as a drug sales location.

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Source: News Observer, “Search of Raleigh hotel room leads to 16 pounds of marijuana, arrest,” Ron Gallagher, March 09, 2017