Police arrest wrong-way driver on Interstate 485

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Every time a North Carolina resident is accused of drunk driving, he or she will have the opportunity to defend against the charges in court. Up until a conviction occurs, the court will view the accused person as innocent of the alleged crimes. Furthermore, in order for a conviction to occur, the evidence must be strong enough to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

In one recent case, it appears that authorities have gathered strong evidence against a woman who was allegedly driving the wrong way down Interstate 485 for miles. Authorities say that she is fortunate to be alive following the incident. Police believe that she was driving the wrong way for approximately 13 miles and she never got into a crash.

Police stopped the woman and prevented her from driving further down the wrong side of the interstate, perhaps averting what could have been a fatal accident. When they spoke to the woman, she allegedly claimed to have recently left the home of a friend.

Authorities claim that the woman was inebriated. They said that her blood alcohol content was tested to be more than double the legal limit. She was arrested and charged with multiple driving violations that included driving while impaired.

If North Carolina authorities have strong evidence against an accused person, or if a conviction is likely to occur, the accused person may want to try and negotiate a plea deal. A plea deal, or plea bargain, involves a guilty plea to one or more offenses in exchange for a reduction in punishments.

Source: wsoctv.com, “Woman arrested for DUI after driving wrong way for miles on I-485, troopers say,” May 29, 2017