Defending North Carolina residents against drunk driving charges

By KevinMarcilliat, In Drunk Driving, 0 Comments

Imagine you were arrested for drunk driving late on a Saturday night after attending a party in Raleigh. The police officer pulled you over because you drifted across the centerline, and you were indeed drunk. In fact, your Breathalyzer test results showed you were double the legal limit.

After going through the harrowing ordeal of being arrested for the first time, getting booked and being put in jail overnight, you were released the next day to your mother, who came to pick you up. Everything about the situation was embarrassing and challenging, but it’s not over. Now you have to face your criminal proceedings in court, and it’s time for you to decide how you’ll defend yourself.

At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC, we talk to people in your situation every single day. The fact is, we all make mistakes, and when we’re inebriated by alcohol, it affects our judgment and thinking. It’s easy for someone to believe he or she is sober enough to drive when he or she is not clearheaded, and it’s easy for an intoxicated person to suffer a lapse in judgment and drive home drunk.

We never judge our clients. Instead, as criminal defense lawyers, we honor the fact that no person accused of any crime — no matter how strong the evidence appears — is guilty until, and only if, he or she is proved to be so beyond a reasonable doubt in a proper court of law. In this respect, every client that walks in our office is innocent of his or her allegations in the eyes of the court, and it’s our duty to defend our clients against their charges using whatever legal strategies, tools, theories and methodologies are available.

Have you been accused of drunk driving in Raleigh? The criminal defense team at Marcilliat & Mills PLLC is available to talk to you about the circumstances of your arrest and evaluate the most appropriate strategies to pursue in your criminal defense.