Purple drank warning: This beverage is not legal

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You might remember several years ago when “Purple Drank” — a beverage made by mixing anti-histamine, codeine, promethazine and Sprite — made it into the news. Rapper Lil’ Wayne spoke publicly about being addicted to this Schedule V drug, which can be made from easily procurable ingredients.

Other names for Purple Drank are “Sizzurp” and “Lean” and the drug’s popularity has persisted since 2003. Perhaps one of the things that has brought the drug into popularity is the fact that it’s easy to make using common ingredients, and its users may not feel like they’re doing anything illegal. However, as a Schedule V drug, being in possession of or selling Purple Drank can get you into serious trouble with the law.

In a recent Raleigh case, a man was charged with opium and heroin trafficking after authorities allege he sold Purple Drank to a police informant. Allegedly the man sold a pint of the cocktail for $290. He was charged with opium and heroin trafficking because Purple Drank contains codeine, an opium-derived cough medicine. He was also charged with other offenses based on different contraband items police allegedly found in his possession.

North Carolina police are serious about curbing the trafficking of Purple Drank due to its potential dangers when abused. According to a Raleigh detective familiar with the above case, “Promethazine impairs motor skills and Codeine causes a euphoric feeling…consuming too much of the cocktail can result in an overdose and death.”

Were you accused of selling or possessing Lean, Sizzurp or Purple Drank? It’s time to get serious about your criminal defense. A North Carolina drug crimes defense attorney can defend you against your criminal charges to try and reduce the chances and/or severity of punishment related to the allegations.

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