18-year-old accused of drunk driving in fatal accident

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A car accident not far from Boone resulted in the death of one pedestrian. Police have accused an 18-year-old woman of causing the crash, then fleeing the scene without stopping to aid the fatally injured pedestrian and his injured friend who was walking with him.

The two friends had attended a party together not far from the crash. They decided to walk home because they couldn’t get a ride. While they were walking along Highway 105, a passing pickup truck struck both of the pedestrians. Unfortunately, one of them died. The other survived, but his current condition is not known at this time.

Approximately an hour after the accident, Highway Patrol authorities found a pickup truck with blood on it, abandoned at a skating rink a number of miles from the crash site. When police saw the blood on the hood, they impounded the vehicle as possible evidence relating to the crash. Hours later, authorities located the accused 18-year-old female driver in Tennessee. Police think that the young woman obtained a ride to Tennessee from someone else. Troopers say that the young woman was at the same party the men attended and that she left not long after the men.

Police allege that when they located the woman her eyes were glassy and red and she smelled like alcohol. Blood test results have not been released, but authorities have charged the woman with driving while intoxicated, in addition to two counts of felony hit and run causing serious injury or death.

This woman’s alleged crimes are devastatingly serious because if she is convicted she could spend many years in prison. She will, however, have a chance to defend herself against the allegations. Furthermore, she will remain innocent and will not face punishment until — and only if — she is proved to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in criminal court.

Source: wsoctv.com, “Teen woman accused of driving drunk, killing man in Watauga Co.,” Aug. 07, 2017