3 excellent criminal defense strategies

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When it comes to defending yourself against a crime in North Carolina, you will want to review the facts that led to your arrest carefully. This review will determine whether or not you should admit to the alleged crimes or defend yourself against them in court. It will also determine the most appropriate criminal defense strategies to employ.

Depending on whether you admit to or deny the allegations being brought against you, you may decide to take one of the following three defense tracks:

  • A confession story: In this case, you will admit to having done what the prosecution claims you did. You may chose a confession story if the evidence being brought against you is particularly strong. By confessing, you might be able to negotiate a reduced punishment.
  • A complete denial story: If the prosecution’s evidence against you weak, you may choose to completely deny all of the charges. With a well-organized defense, you might be able to achieve a verdict of not guilty.
  • An admit and explain story: An admit and explain story involves admitting to committing the allegedly criminal act, but providing a valid and lawful reason for having done it. If the court sympathizes with your position here, it might chose to give you a verdict of not guilty or dismiss your case.

North Carolina residents accused of crimes will want to choose an appropriate criminal defense that reflects the nature and extent of their charges. At Marcilliat & Mills PLLC LLC, criminal defense attorneys are available to educate you on your legal rights and options for your defense.

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