Driver pleads guilty following fatal DWI in Raleigh

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There are no winners following a fatal drunk driving accident. First, an innocent victim has lost his or her life. Second, the victim’s family members will be forced to deal with the emotional turmoil and financial difficulties of losing a loved one. Third, the drunk driver who caused the accident will face a lifetime of guilt, may need to spend years in prison and could be financially liable to the victim’s family.

In a recent drunk driving accident case, a 25-year-old woman cried in front of a criminal court in Raleigh as she pleaded guilty to causing the death of a bicyclist last December. Police said that the woman was drunk when she struck a 56-year-old man who was riding his bike on Dec. 14 along Western Boulevard. Police also claimed that the woman fled the scene following the collision.

Officers found the woman approximately one hour following the collision. They say she confessed to taking a Xanax, drinking and driving and texting while driving before the accident. Authorities charged her with felony death by motor vehicle, felony hit and run and DWI.

During her court hearing, the woman gave an emotional apology to the family of the victim. She said that she feels remorse and regret every day and that she’s going to have to live with the reality of what she did. She claimed that she didn’t know she struck the man, which is why she didn’t stop to stay with him. As a result of her guilty plea, the woman was sentenced to 51 to 75 months in prison.

When the evidence brought against an accused drunk driver is particularly strong, and a conviction is likely — if not guaranteed — to occur, the wisest choice for the defendant could be to plead guilty. Sometimes a plea deal can be reached with the prosecution, in exchange for a guilty plea, which could result in a less severe punishment.

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