What if I was arrested for drugs that my doctor prescribed?

By KevinMarcilliat, In Drug Crimes, 0 Comments

Prescription drugs are controlled substances, but — because they serve a medical purpose — North Carolina residents are legally permitted to take them and have them on their person if a doctor prescribes them. That said, what if you were carrying your prescription drugs, and they were not in the originally labeled bottle and a police officer arrested you for illegal drug possession?

This unfortunate circumstance happens frequently in North Carolina. Some prescription drugs are bought and sold on the black market illegally, and if you’re in possession of one of these drugs — even if it’s for a legitimate purpose — an officer of the law might mistake you for engaging in illegal activity.

Fortunately, North Carolina residents who were legitimately prescribed a drug by their doctor can easily remedy a drug possession charge like this. All it requires is the presentation of your prescription paperwork to the judge presiding over your case. Once you can show proof that you had the legal authority to be in possession of the prescription drug at issue, most North Carolina criminal law judges will dismiss the charges being brought against you.

If you did not have a valid prescription and, therefore, you were unauthorized to possess the drug at issue, you will want to pursue other legal strategies in your criminal court matter. In some cases, if a conviction is likely, you might be able to reach a plea bargain with the prosecution and negotiate a reduction in your punishments. In other cases, if the evidence against you is weak, you might still be able defend yourself against the charges to seek a final verdict of not guilty.