Are you at risk of arrest if your drug dealer gets caught?

By KevinMarcilliat, In Drug Crimes, 0 Comments

Imagine you are a recreational drug user. From time to time, you call your drug dealer ask if you can buy something illegal. Because you call him or her regularly, your number is saved in your drug dealer’s phone. So, if your drug dealer gets arrested, does this mean that police will have access to your phone number when his or her cell gets confiscated?

Most North Carolina residents will not find themselves getting into trouble because their phone number is in the cellphone of a drug dealer. It’s rare that authorities will attempt to identify and locate each one of the drug dealer’s customers.

However, this could change if your drug dealer decides to make allegations against you, or if there are incriminating messages on the phone that make it appear you’re more than just a customer. For example, it’s not unheard of for a drug dealer to accuse one of his or her customers of being the actual dealer, but this is not very common.

Police may read any text messages that you sent to the drug dealer. They can evaluate how the amount of drugs involved in the transactions, perhaps to identify who the dealer’s supplier was. Also, if it appears that someone the dealer was texting with was also a dealer, they’ll zero in on that too.

Most North Carolina residents won’t have anything to worry about if their drug dealer gets arrested, but there are no guarantees. If you think that you could get in trouble with the law because you purchased narcotics, you may want to reach out to an experienced North Carolina criminal defense lawyer immediately.