DUI defense: What’s auto brewery syndrome?

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Police officers, prosecutors, judges and criminal defense attorneys have seen or used a lot of unique cases and a lot of unique defense strategies in their careers. In fact, the job of a criminal defense lawyer is to creatively analyze every case that he or she represents to determine all legal strategies that could be available to his or her client.

That said, one unique DWI defense strategy — which would only apply to rare situations — is a particularly strange one indeed. This strategy has worked in select instances around the nation. It relates to “Auto-Brewery Syndrome,” an unusual medical condition that causes the human body to automatically convert normal food into alcohol. Ultimately, the condition causes the sufferers to become drunk as the converted alcohol enters their bloodstreams.

Auto-Brewery Syndrome is a rare medical problem, which affects such a small number of people that it’s not likely the average North Carolina driver will be able to incorporate this defense into his or her DWI proceedings successfully. However, if medical evidence — and a doctor’s testimony — exists to support a defendant’s claim of Auto-Brewery Syndrome, then he or she may be able to use such evidence as a valid defense.

Most drivers can’t claim that they’re a walking, talking, human beer brewery to get off the hook when it comes to a drunk driving allegation. And, considering that the condition can lead to serious liver and other medical problems, you should be grateful you don’t suffer from this condition. Nevertheless, a skilled DWI defense lawyer might be able to identify other creative legal strategies to assist you in the navigation of your criminal matter.

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