2 men accused of possessing 85 pounds of marijuana

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The Wake County Sheriff’s Office arrested two men on a recent Thursday afternoon, alleging that they were in possession of 85 pounds of marijuana. The men, aged 24 and 21, were taken into custody at 3:20 p.m., in a neighborhood close to Interstate 40 and Lake Wheeler Road at the southern end of Raleigh.

Due to the large quantity of pot, deputies charged the men with marijuana tracking. The minimum amount of marijuana required to trigger a trafficking charge is 10 pounds, and these men allegedly possessed eight times this amount. As such, the men were charged with the second-highest level of marijuana trafficking offenses involving possession of 50 to 200 pounds. This is a serious offense that could send these young men to prison for many years if they are convicted.

Sheriff’s deputies allegedly found the drugs following a traffic stop, and then they made they made the arrest. As of last reports, one of the arrested men was being held with bail set at $500,000. The other man was being held with bail set at $250,000. Both of them had pending court appearances.

It’s important for North Carolina residents to remember that despite new laws in other states, marijuana is still a highly illegal drug in our state. Those found in possession of the drug could be arrested and face severe criminal penalties. That said, if you have been accused of any kind of marijuana crime, you will have the right to defend yourself against the charges in court, and you will have the right to representation by a criminal defense attorney of your choice.

Source: News Observer, “Pair had 85 pounds of pot in Raleigh neighborhood, Wake deputies charge,” Ron Gallagher, Nov. 03, 2017