Police accuse 3 people after finding 600 baggies of heroin

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The Nash County Sheriff’s office arrested and accused three people of possessing hundreds of baggies of heroin that they were allegedly in the process of selling and distributing. According to the Sheriff’s office, the men were arrested after a two-month investigation of suspected heroin trading activity at a home in Rocky Mount.

A search warrant was executed by the Tar River Regional Drug Task Force on a recent Tuesday. As police approached the home, a 29-year-old male was meeting with the 31-year-old male resident of the home in the driveway. The 31-year-old tried to escape officers by running away on foot, but police later apprehended him without incident.

The 29-year-old also tried to evade officers by driving away; however, police caught up with him after a brief car chase, which ended in a collision. Police arrested the man without further difficulty.

After entering the home, authorities found the 28-year-old girlfriend of the resident of the home with her toddler. Police arrested the woman. They also searched the home and the 31-year-old man’s vehicle for contraband. Authorities allege to have found a massive amount of heroin in the man’s home and vehicle equal to over 600 small baggies of heroin. They also found scales, Xanax pills, marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, a handgun, a shotgun and over $1,200 cash.

The arrested individuals in this case have been charged with different drug crimes. The men were charged with the most severe crimes, which related to drug trafficking offenses. The woman was charged with drug possession offenses. Like all North Carolina residents accused of drug crimes, each of these accused individuals will have the ability to defend themselves against the charges in court. They will also have the right to representation by a defense attorney.